Marijk Renia


Since 2013 I have immersed myself in the technique of working with Bullseye glass. The transparency, color palette and application possibilities lead to many experiments and again to a completely unique visual language. This creates surprising objects that refer to marine organisms.

Marble & granite

The Marble Time-Breakers series says something about sculpting in this age-old type of stone. In my experience I literally break time and try to make those time layers visible in structures that I have applied myself. After many years of working in different types of marble, I had the opportunity to gain experience in the technique of working the very hard stone type of granite. This took place in a Swedish granite quarry where sculptors from all over the world met annually and worked together for a period of time.


Water, in whatever form, continues to intrigue and inspire me and this is how the Waterworks series was created in 2007. Most of the sculptures are made from the usualy transparent alabaster stone. Alabaster is characterized by an unruly crust with offshoots to the pure core. With this I try not only to show the energy of water in general, but also the natural wear of water that hits rocks, congealed water and ice formations.


My bronze sculptures refer to both the power and fragility of existence. Spears, shield shapes and horns regularly recur in my design. The casting process for bronze work remains a fascinating procedure with sometimes unexpected results.

Assignments / work in public space

The possibility to also work in granite from 2000 has led to various assignments. It is important that the artwork is durable, maintenance-friendly and vandal-resistant. It is always special for a sculptor to select and transport granite on site, in this case from the quarry in Sweden to the studio in the Netherlands. The work process is intensive, as is the close collaboration with the client.